What makes KSV great is our employees who bring a  “go ahead, challenge us” mindset to their jobs every day.

KSV offers its people freedom at work, unmatched leadership  & the opportunity to grow at a rapid pace. It provides them challenging, interesting & motivating assignments and projects, which brings a sense of professional fulfillment.

At KSV, we live by the philosophy of growing leaders within the organization and giving them opportunities to explore new avenues. Our environment encourages internal growth. Engineers and professionals who joined KSV direct from college have been groomed to become leading managers within the company.

KSV has developed a culture of treating employees as a family and we have employees in our family working today since the 1960s.

We believe in choosing and rewarding people based on merit and offer career development to employees at all levels. Career moves are horizontal, involving new areas of expertise or service, vertical, involving added competencies and extra responsibility.

At KSV, we have a judicious blend of a strong value system and evolving HR practices. We strive to be not merely another employer but a group that vests power in its people to see the organization grow. We offer you not just a job but also a satisfying career, not just a place of work, but a work place for the future.

Come and work with us and explore the world of opportunities!!!

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